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Council tax when someone dies

Find out what you need to do about council tax when someone dies.
Council tax Christmas opening hours

The council tax line will be closed from Wednesday 27 December 2023 to Monday 1 January 2024.

It will reopen Tuesday 2 January 2024. 

A solicitor, relative or friend of the person who has died must tell the council tax team of their death, as soon as possible.

You will need to provide:

  • name of the deceased 
  • date of death
  • address of the property they lived in
  • your name, address and telephone number

If the person who died paid council tax for the property they lived in, we will need the names and addresses of:

  • any executors to the will or
  • the solicitor of the person who has died

If they're available, please also provide us with the death certificate and details of next of kin. We'll also need details of what will happen to the property if it is now empty.

If the deceased wasn't liable to pay council tax, you should still inform us of the death as it may affect the amount of council tax you have to pay.

Did the deceased live with you?

If the answer is yes, you may be entitled to a reduction in the amount of council tax you have to pay.

If you are now living alone you will be entitled to a 25% discount, unless you are disregarded (not counted) as occupying the property, in which case you may be entitled to either a 50% discount or a full exemption from paying any council tax.


If the deceased rented their home you will need to tell us the date their tenancy officially ended. This may be a few weeks after the date of death to allow for furniture or personal effects to be removed from the property.

You will also need to give the name and address of the landlord (if known). The property will be exempt from paying council tax from the date of death until the date the tenancy ends.

Was the deceased in hospital or living in a nursing or residential care home immediately prior to their death?

If the deceased was in hospital or a nursing home and they did not return to their home for any period before they died, they may be entitled to a reduction in the amount of council tax payable.


If the deceased owned their home, will it be sold? You may need to apply for probate before any sale can take place. Any property left empty following the death of the owner is exempt from paying council tax for six months from the date of death. Other exemptions may apply after this time.

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