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Local parks

Information on local parks in Lewisham.​

Frendsbury Gardens

Find out more information about Frendsbury Gardens.

Baxters Field

Baxters Field is a small park in Upper Sydenham with an area of open grassland.

Beckenham Place Park

Beckenham Place Park is the largest green space in the borough, covering 98 hectares. It contains large areas of ancient woodland ideal for woodland walks.

Bellingham Green

Find out about Bellingham Green which is the heart of the Bellingham Estate.

Bellingham Play Park

Find out about Bellingham Play Park.


Find information about Blackheath, a large green space crossing Lewisham and Greenwich boroughs.

Blythe Hill

Find out about Blythe Hill park near Catford.

Bridgehouse Meadows

Find out about Bridgehouse Meadows, the former New Cross greyhound and speedway stadium.

Broadway Fields

Find information about Broadway Fields in Deptford.

Brookmill Park

Find out about Brookmill Park between Deptford and Lewisham.

Chinbrook Meadows

Find out about Chinbook Meadows near Grove Park.

Cornmill Gardens and River Mill Park

Cornmill Gardens is an open space in Lewisham Town Centre overlooked by River Mill Park.

Deptford Park

Find information about Deptford Park.

Downham Woodland Walk

The Downham Woodland Walk is part of the Green Chain Walk, which connects Beckenham Place Park with the Hither Green Nature Reserve.

Durham Hill

Find out about Durham Hill in Downham.

Eckington Gardens

Find out about Eckington Gardens in New Cross Gate.

Edith Nesbit Gardens

Find out about Edith Nesbit Gardens in Lee Green.

Evelyn Green

Find out about Evelyn Green in Deptford.

Ferranti Park

Find out about Ferranti Park in Deptford.

Folkestone Gardens

Find out about Folkestone Gardens in Deptford.

Fordham Park

Find out about Fordham park in New Cross.

Forster Memorial Park

Find information about Forster Memorial Park.

Friendly Gardens

Find out more about Friendly Gardens in Brockley.

Grove Park Library Gardens

Find out about Grove Park Library Gardens, located off Burnt Ash Hill.

Hatcham Gardens

Find out more about Hatcham Gardens in New Cross.

Hilly Fields

Find out about Hilly Fields park near Ladywell.

Home Park

Find out about Home Park in Lower Sydenham.

Horniman Gardens

Find out about Horniman Gardens, part of the Horniman Museum grounds in Forest Hill.

Horniman's Triangle

Horniman's Triangle is an area of meadow next to the Horniman Museum.

Kirkdale Green

Kirkdale Green is a green space situated at the northern end of Sydenham High Street.

Ladywell Fields

Find information about Ladywell Fields.

Lewisham Park

Find out about Lewisham Park, located between Lewisham and Catford.

Luxmore Gardens

Find out more about Luxmore Gardens, a small green space near New Cross.

Manor House Gardens

Find out about Manor House Gardens in Lee.

Manor Park

Find out about Manor Park, which is close to Hither Green rail station.

Margaret McMillan Park

Find out about Margaret McMillan Park betwen Deptford and New Cross Gate.

Mayow Park

Find out about Mayow Park in Sydenham.

Mountsfield Park

Find out about Mountsfield Park in Catford.

Northbrook Park

Find information about Northbrook Park.

Pepys Park

Pepys Parks consist of a number of open spaces set along the river Thames and Grove Street.

Ravensbourne Park Gardens

Find out about Ravensbourne Park Gardens, a small green space in Catford.

Riverview Walk and River Pool Linear Park

Find out about the Riverview Walk and River Pool Linear Park which runs between Catford and Beckenham. 

Sayes Court

Find out about Sayes Court in Deptford.

Southend Park

Find out about Southend Park near Lower Sydenham.

Sydenham Wells Park

Find out about Sydenham Wells Park.

Telegraph Hill Park

Find out about Telegraph Hill Park which lies between Nunhead and Brockley.
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