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Find out more about Sydenham including local events, democracy, schools, transport links and more.
A map of Sydenham. Sydenham is an area in the London borough of Lewisham situated between Forest Hill, Crystal Palace, and Beckenham.


Sydenham started out as a small settlement, a few cottages among the woods, whose inhabitants grazed their animals and collected wood. In the 1640s, springs of water in what is now Wells Park were discovered to have medicinal properties, attracting crowds of people to the area.

Sydenham grew rapidly in the 19th century after the introduction of the canal in 1801, and then the relocation of the Crystal Palace in 1852 (until it burnt down in 1936). Thanks to the exhibitions and concerts subsequently held in the Palace, Sydenham became a fashionable area to live and visit.

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