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Farmers' markets

There are several farmers' markets in the borough.

Farmers market

To qualify as a farmers' market producers must be local (within 50 miles) and must sell their own produce. Bakers must use a minimum of one local ingredient.

The person behind the stall must be directly involved with production, allowing you to ask questions about how it was produced.

Saturdays 10am–3pm

Saturdays 10am–3pm

Saturdays 10am–3pm

Saturdays 10am–2pm

  • Every Saturday: LeSoCo car park (formerly Lewisham College), run by Brockley Market.

Sundays 10am–2pm

Sundays 10am–3pm


Glendale Grounds Management

Mountsfield Park, Stainton Road, London, SE6 1AN

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