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Support for creatives

Get support and access to resources as a creative working or living in Lewisham.

Support with fundraising

The Lewisham Fundraising Development Programme is a new initiative, funded for 3 years by Lewisham Council, which provides free fundraising support for arts, culture, sports and community groups operating in the borough. You can also get the free support if you’re a freelancer working in the arts in Lewisham.

They can offer 1 hour advice calls for broad questions, half hour advice calls for specific questions, help with collaborative bids and they can review funding bids you're working on (although they'll need plenty of notice).

They'll also be offering training sessions and events.

Our creative industries strategy

We have one of the fastest growing creative boroughs in London..

Creative businesses and their staff are the main drivers of our cultural and creative sectors. This includes digital businesses, film makers, artists and performing arts companies.

The business of creativity is our creative industries strategy. It sets out our vision for the future of the sector.

Get business advice, support and training

  • The Business Advisory Service gives one-to-one advice, support and training.
  • Zeitgeist Arts Projects operate DIY Educate, a new professional programme for artists. It offers seminars, tutorials and talks.
  • NESTA offer initiatives including the Creative Enterprise Toolkit.
  • Creative Pioneers offer apprenticeship opportunities in creative industries.
  • Creative and Cultural Skills is the sector Skills Council for craft, cultural heritage, design, literature, music, performing and visual arts, bridging the gap between industry, education and the government.
  • South East Enterprise offers a range of client focused services.

Discover creatives' networks

Find out about local, regional and national networks.

Find empty spaces for your projects

Find out about culture in empty spaces in the borough.

Secure funding for your work

Many of the agencies above can help find funding. Other useful sites are:

Find more information on our funding page.


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